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Gift What v12.0 - Facebook Gift Application!

Bulk upload, Nested Categories, Unicode, Admin panel & More!

For $40 Standard Version or $80 Super Rewards Version or $160 Maximum Version, we can install ads and earn 100% profit! The price include installation also! Where can you find a cheaper price than this one? Here is a screenshot of it in action!

Facebook demo:

New Features in v12.0!

  • Integrated with the latest newest facebook API! Feed will now automatically posted to the sender and receivers! Super Rewards & Maximum Versions Exclusive Feature!

  • New v12.0 Maximum version for Maximum revenue! Super Rewards + Offerpal + Peanut Labs + Ads! Maximum Version Exclusive Feature!

  • New share button added! Super Rewards & Maximum Versions Exclusive Feature!

  • Tuned up header for all pages! Super Rewards & Maximum Versions Exclusive Feature!

  • New pre-filled text in "add a personal message"! Super Rewards & Maximum Versions Exclusive Feature!

  • Tuned up the words in tab bar for a better linguistic experience! All Versions!


  • Top 15 Most Active Users Super Rewards & Maximum Version Exclusive Feature!
  • Add multiple categories under categories! (Try click on "Shapes" in the demo)
  • Advanced news feed
  • Tab button to add to your profile wall
  • Restriction function! Control the age, location, and text allowed!
  • Ads placement! (In this case, I have used Socialmedia, free to sign up!)
  • Gift application with name of your choice!
  • Add your own gifts!
  • Your name and profile link right next to your gift application!
  • Multiple functions: Send / Received Gifts / Already Sent / Friend Top / World Top / Forum / Invite Friends / Admin (Only viewable by admins!)
  • Friend top is a scoreboard which calculates the number of gifts send by your friends! The more, the higher! This also applies to World Top scoreboard.
  • Forum, for users to discuss!


  • Better layout for locked gifts!
  • Better message design when a gift is sent!
  • Hyperlinks in news feed! Notice new links "Send Gifts"! You can make your own links and wordings too!
  • Users may now delete received gifts!
  • Ads placement! (In this case, I have used Cubics, free to sign up!)
  • Gifts you created (Support any langauge!)
  • Unlockables! (This is managed in the admin panel, you set the number of gifts a user sent in order to unlock new gifts! In my case, I set 500 gifts to send the Super Banana!)
  • Add a personal message! (A message that when a user receives it, it will be shown in "received gifts"!)


  • Invite friends table, simply click and send!
  • Ads placement! (In this case, I have used Rockyouads, free to sign up!)
  • Profile tab now movable to "Boxes"

Admin panel

  • Ban user
  • Add/edit/delete gifts with image URL
  • Set unlockables!
  • Set required gift dollar for gifts!
  • Bulk upload. Add multiple gifts all at once!
  • Bulk delete. Delete multiple gifts all at once by their name or image URL!

Here is a true testimonials from one of our customers:

"Great Facebook app!"
I bought a copy of this. Must say, it took a while for me to get working, and I could NOT have done it without their help. One thing you gotta be aware of is you NEED a website to get it to work. I'm currently in the process of adding gifts, and such. It's working well, so far. It's a pretty neat app. Thanks a lot.
- Jimmy

Summary of version differences:

1 - Standard version with everything except things from Super Rewards and Maximum, and it has no feed stories.
2 - Super Rewards, has everything from Standard plus integration with FB Feeds API to publish stories to both receiver and sender profiles, Share button, Tuned up headers, New pre-filled text and Top 15 Most Active users.
3 - Maximum version not only has all features Standard + Super Rewards have, but it also has Offerpal, and Peanutlabs integrated for Maximum revenue earning for application buyers!

Why purchase this application?

Because this one you own everything! Don't use those gift creators to create your own gift app. You are helping the programmer to earn a lot more profit. So why don't make your own gift app, and earn 100% profit, and be your own boss! Don't be a fool like others!

Whats the difference?

Scoreboard to keep the users sending gifts! Unlockables! Admin panel can add/remove admin, add/remove gifts, set user titles (e.g. 100 gifts = Santa Claus), like this:

So... if you have took a look at our demo. What are you waiting for? Checkout below and you will see how powerful it is! Installation instructions manual, and FREE installation will be provided! Full support.

YES! I want to own my own Facebook Application!

I understand that there is absolutely no risk at all and I am protected by your better than risk free! Click on the payment button below, and once payment is completed, we will send you application as an email attachment.

$40 Standard Version

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$160 Maximum Version

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Note: The software will be delivered to your email within 24 hours of payment.

P.S. - If you're still sitting on the fence or if you have questions, contact me! I'd be happy to explain the facebook application with you in more detail. We are faithfully at your side, you can get more sales in timely by peaceful manner of selling!

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